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Introduction to Wound Components Factory

With more than 20 years of experience in wound components, Huigao is equipped with a professional engineer team, fully developed production lines and advanced production and test machines. In the meantime, we have in-house ferrite core production base which helps to shorten the lead time and cut material costs of our components, hence shorten supply chain of our clients.

6 production lines
10,000 square meters
1 million output per month

Introduction to PCBA Factory

Huigao has a professional PCBA engineer team and high-speed SMT, wave-soldering and manual assembly lines. We own a series of facilities for components forming, testing, cleaning, burn-in, and coating etc. By integrating the design, manufacture, repair and testing with advanced technology, we are highly qualified in the processing and functional testing of PCB assembly with SMT, DIP and manual welding.

We can provide the design and development service of customized power supply and assist our customers in their certification solutions.