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Our Advantages
  •    Cut the costs & shorten the supply chain

       --Provide full-service of designing, prototyping and manufacturing from electromagnetic components to PCBA and power supply.

       Technical backup

       --Professional prototyping workshop

       --TOEC technical backup

       --Focus on customer VAVE to support continuous cost-down.

       High mix & low volume

       --Flexible production

       --VMI and worldwide supply capability

       -- Adopt KANBAN system

       Reform & Innovation

       --Carry out IPD to improve R&D procedures

       --Establish e-factory, implement MES system

Technical ability

Electromagnetic Components

   Based on more than 20 years of experience in wound components, we can provide the following design and R&D service to our customers:

Ÿ   the R&D of high frequency transformer
   the R&D of low frequency power transformer

Ÿ   the R&D of inductor

Ÿ   the R&D of common mode choke

Ÿ   the R&D of current transformer

Ÿ   the R&D of electric reactor

Ÿ   the R&D of high voltage transformer

Ÿ   the R&D of injection molding coil


Process design ability

Convert PCB design documents (Protel) to production document (Gerber)

Modify and optimize PCB documents according to customer needs

Design flexible processing methods for different products to enhance productivity and reduce costs

Continuously improve process control ability to guarantee the quality

Capability of designing structural components

Testing equipment design ability

Provide testing solutions based on product performance requirements

Design and develop tools for performance testing

Provide solutions for various chip programming

Professional testing equipments such as AOI, ICT etc. and the design capability of software and hardware

BOM optimization

Good knowledge of international mainstream components and their domestic equivalents in China

Suggestion of component equivalents to customers so as to cut costs

Power Supply

Huigao can develop customizedAC/DC, DC/DC, high voltage and special power supply, includingenclosed type, configurable module type, open frame type, adaptor and encapsulated module type.
Huigao is experienced in the design of various filters applicable in customer system’s EMI suppression design.

Huigao's customized power supply can be up to 1000 Watts, widely used in industrial control, medical and commercial field, in accordance with customers'requirements on certifications. Huigao helps customers with their certification process of final application by offering better solutions on the power supplies.