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Our Advantages
  • As a one-stop provider of the designing, prototyping and manufacturing services, we have our in-house wound component factory, a ferrite core factory and PCB assembly lines. Therefore, we can effectively help our customers to cut the costs and shorten the supply chain.
  • Equipped with a professional prototyping workshop, and with TOEC and Marque Magnetics as our technical backup, we focus on technical innovation, take part in customers’ VAVE program and support continuous cost-down.
  • We provide the design and the flexible production of multi-variety, small-batch and customized products.
  • With the implementation of complete quality management system and environment control system, our products are featured by high reliability.
  • Twenty-five-year experience of serving Fortune 500 companies helps us fully understand customer needs.
  • About 85% of our products are being exported to other corners of the world, which makes us an expert in international trade practice.

Technical ability

Wound Components

Based on more than 20 years of experience in wound components, we can provide the following design and R&D service to our customers:

Ÿ   the R&D of high frequency transformer

Ÿ   the R&D of inductor

Ÿ   the R&D of common mode choke

   the R&D of low frequency power transformer

Ÿ   the R&D of current transformer

Ÿ   the R&D of electric reactor

Ÿ   the R&D of high voltage transformer

Ÿ   the R&D of injection molding coil(solenoid valve)


Process design ability

Convert PCB design documents (Protel) to production document (Gerber)

Modify and optimize PCB documents according to customer needs

Design flexible processing methods for different products to enhance productivity and reduce costs

Continuously improve process control ability to guarantee the quality

Capability of designing structural components

Testing equipment design ability

Provide testing solutions based on product performance requirements

Design and develop tools for performance testing

Provide solutions for various chip programming

Professional testing equipments such as AOI, ICT etc. and the design capability of software and hardware

BOM optimization

Good knowledge of international mainstream components and their domestic equivalents in China

Suggestion of component equivalents to customers so as to cut costs

Power Supply

Experienced in the design of flyback open frame power supply which is suitable for industry control, medical and commercial application below 150W;
Experienced in the design of adapters for industrial equipment, suitable for in various industrial and commercial application;
Experienced in the design of medium-power forward unit power supply, suitable for industry control and medical application at hundred-watt level;
Experienced in the design of all kinds of filters, supportive in the EMI suppression design of customer systems;
Comprehensive experience in switch power supply certification solutions, supportive in the certification of switch power supply and also the certification of customers’ whole-set equipment;
In accordance with safety standards and EMC standards.