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Huigao has a professional PCBA engineer team and high-speed SMT, wave-soldering and manual assembly lines. We own a series of facilities for components forming, testing, cleaning, burn-in, and coating etc. By integrating the design, manufacture, repair and testing with advanced technology, we are highly qualified in the processing and functional testing of PCB.

Advanced modular surface mount machines can meet the following product demands from customers:

Speed: 35800cph

Category of components: 200 kinds (8mm)  

Size of PCB: 50mm X 50mm—750mmX460mm

Size of Chip:0402-120mm x90mm   

Accuracy of Surface Mount: ±40um

Fine Pitch in 0.3mm of QFP     

BGA/Micro BGA (Dia.0.4mm with 0.8mm pitch; Dia. 0.3mm ball with 0.5mm Pitch CSP)